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Get Ready for Trout Season in Selinsgrove

Temperatures have far exceeded our annual average throughout March 2016, creating an early spring thaw on the Susquehanna River, its tributaries and lesser bodies—winter ices long shed. With our spring thaw more than underway, it is time to start thinking Trout Season in Central PA! Trout season gets underway April 16th in Snyder County and… Read more »

Whoopie for Whoopie Pies!

Depending on who you ask, whoopie pies originated here in Central PA or somewhere in New England. But no matter where they came from, whoopie pies are one of the most popular sweet treats we sell at our general store in Central PA. Here are a few fun facts we’ve uncovered about these delicious desserts…. Read more »

A Brief History of the General Store

The general store has been a central part of American business since the Colonial period. They often became the central and most important part of a town. They gave the town residents a place to gather to buy goods and trade news and stories, and sometimes the general store also doubled as a post office…. Read more »