For the Butcher in Need of Supplies

You like to hunt. You don’t want just anybody handling your deer or your turkey. Not only do you do your own gutting, hair removal, even tanning—but you butcher your meat. You make your own jerky, you make your meat cuts, you make your burger.

Or, you may be are local farmer, who sells meat products. Maybe your equipment is out dated, in need of parts, or just replacement altogether. The hassle that comes with factory ordered equipment is not necessary, you can simply swing on over to Hilsher’s General Store and pick-up the butcher supplies that meets your needs.

Hilsher’s carries meat machinery made by the Chop-Rite Two company, makers of meat processing equipment of all sorts. Whether you want to make hamburger or your own sausage, Chop-Rite Two products have you covered. Not only that, they come in commercial grade level so you know your meat will be processed at a highly-efficient level. They even carry scales, grinder plates to fit any meat grinder, sharpeners for knives and grinder plates.

Regardless of your needs, Hilsher’s General Store will get you set with the butcher supplies you need. Enjoy a trip through the types of meat grinder equipment and supplies we offer below:


Butchering in an area sans electricity? Conduct some research prior to committing to a manual meat grinder. They all vary in terms of what type of metal they are made out of, other factors.


A great selection for those who grind meat on the regular. A solid investment, these electric meat grinders boast the ability to use many different grinder plate options. You can experiment more with the type of meat you grind.


Dependent upon the type of grinder you purchase, the type of meat you intend to grind, the type of meat you want to make (like sausage) and how often you intend to use it. As mentioned, a standalone (electric) grinder has more grinder plate options than a manual grinder. Keep that in mind as you are deciding on which of these butcher supplies to buy.

Would you like more information on butcher supplies near Selinsgrove? Call Hilsher’s General Store at 570-374-1550, visit us on Routes 11/15 seven miles south of Selinsgrove or you can Contact Us.

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