Four Reasons to Shop at a Local General Store

There are plenty of great reasons to shop at a local general store near Harrisburg. And in this day and age, supporting local businesses is more important than ever. Here are a few reasons you should shop at a general store like Hilsher’s the next time you’re in the market for just about anything you could possibly want or need.

Instant Gratification

If you buy something online instead of from a general store or another local business, you have to wait for the order to get processed and fulfilled. Then you have to wait for the post office or a private delivery service to ship it to your home. When you shop at a general store, you get the item you want exactly when you want it. You don’t have to wait around!

Look Before You Buy

Buying from a general store like ours means you can look at the item you want before you buy it. This is especially great when you are buying items like clothing or shoes. You can make sure the item is exactly what you want and that it’s made out of the material you want. There can be variations in color that you might not have expected too, so seeing these items in person can help you decide on the best purchase.

No Additional Charges

When you buy online, you usually have to pay extra to have it shipped to you. And sometimes the vendor will charge you extra for additional services or to have it express shipped. You can avoid charges like these by shopping at our general store, and that will save you money in the long run.

Returns and Exchanges are Easier

Buying from a general store means if something is wrong with the product or if you changed your mind, returning or exchanging the item is as easy as bringing it to our store and speaking to one of our staff members. When you buy online, sometimes returns and exchanges can get complicated. You have to ship the old item back and wait for a new one to come in. And that is after reaching out to the company you bought it from in order to figure out how to return that item! Buying at a local general store makes this task a lot easier.

For more information on our general store near Harrisburg, call Hilsher’s General Store at 570-374-1550, visit us on Routes 11/15 seven miles south of Selinsgrove or Contact Us.

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