Types of Meat Grinders

butcher supplies williamsport hilsher's general storeIf you are in the market for butcher supplies near Williamsport, you should definitely come to Hilsher’s General Store to find all you need for your butchering. We carry several different brands and butchering products, so we thought we would take the time to go over the main types of meat grinders and how they work.

Manual Meat Grinders

If you will be butchering or working in an area without electricity, or if you are only going to be grinding meat on occasion, then you should look into a manual meat grinder. Just keep in mind that you should do a bit of research first before you decide on which one to buy since they all tend to vary in terms of what type of metal they are made out of and other factors.

Standalone Meat Grinders

This type of meat grinder is an excellent choice for those who grind meat on a regular basis. These types of butcher supplies are a really good investment. They are electric, so they will require electricity to use. But the other perk of standalone meat grinders is you have more grinder plate options, so you can experiment more with the type of meat you grind. You can make sausage and meats like that.

Meat Grinder Attachments

The type of meat grinder attachments that you buy will depend on the type of grinder your purchase, the type of meat you intend to grind, the type of meat you want to make (for example, sausage) and how often you intend to use it. As mentioned, a standalone (electric) grinder has more grinder plate options than a manual grinder. Keep that in mind as you are deciding on which of these butcher supplies to buy.

Other Considerations

You might have a budget in mind when you visit us to buy butcher supplies, and we will keep that in mind if we are helping you decide on what to purchase. There are plenty of factors that go into your budget, so try to determine how much butchering you intend to do and then go from there. If butchering is something you do often, then it might make sense for you to spend a little more money than someone who only does it on occasion.

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