Hilsher's General Store LEM Meat Processing

Meat Processing

Are you looking for meat processing equipment in Central PA? Look no further than Hilsher’s General Store! We offer one of the largest selections of meat processing equipment and other commercial strength kitchen equipment in Central PA. We carry equipment such as commercial strength French fry cutters, hamburger makers and scales. We supply everything you need for butchering your meat including casings, high temperature cheese and seasonings from LEM and AC Leggs.

Additional Meat Processing Supplies

We feature LEM’s Seasonings to make Smoked Sausage, Pepper Stick, Hot Stick, Salami, Snack Sticks, Pepperoni and Trail Bologna. We also sell LEM Sausage Stuffers, Slicers, Vac Pack machines, Mixers, Dehydrators, Meat lugs as well as grinder plates that will fit any standard meat grinder. We carry plates and knives for all grinders and offer sharpening for plates and knives. Bring your old meat saw blade and we can make one to match. We also now have a sugar cure, regular and smoked, that replaces the discontinued Morton Sugar Cure!

If you’re interested in butchering and processing equipment, visit our store today! We are located on Route 11/15 seven miles south of Selinsgrove. Or you can call us at 570-374-1550 or Contact Us.